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Are you considering doing business with Japanese companies?
Do you wish to establish a partnership or technological alliance with a Japanese company?
Do you find it difficult to obtain up-to-date information on Japanese companies?
As a credit manager, do you wish to obtain more detailed information about customers?
Do you wish to outsource your credit risk-related tasks to a reliable company?

FairSearch Japan is here to offer you solutions to all of these questions and issues. Focusing on unlisted, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but not excluding large or public corporations, FairSearch Japan provides general and topic-focused corporate information, and also provides in-depth analyses and credit opinions on Japan-based entities on the basis of financial and non-financial information - valuable business intelligence for your needs.

FairSearch Japan also provides an overview of most important characteristics, trends, developments and outlook, for various industries, considering macro-economic factors as well as industry data. Furthermore, FairSearch Japan offers business support services and arranges to become involved effectively in the business with your (potential) partners.

With strong information-gathering know-how and analytical abilities, FairSearch Japan is confident that it can provide exactly what you need. At FairSearch Japan, we are ready to work with you to maximize your business opportunities.

Service Menu

  • SME Database and SEM Info Search offer basic corporate information with brief financial figures and comments on business performance and results automatically from its database or in response to your request.
  • Topic-focused Search offers information by subject on request.
  • In-depth Analysis and credit Opinion offers expert insights on credit risk, with assessment of business performance, profitability, cash flow, ability to service debt, etc., based on financial and non-financial information, upon request.
  • Industry Research & Analysis provide expert insights of trends and outlook of various industries in view of the industry’s data and the macro-economic environment, by request.
  • Business Coordination offers supporting and planning services on a contract basis

Service Menu and Rate

Service Menu Time Needed Rate (US$) / case
SME Database 30
SME Info Search 1 - 3 days 30
Topic-focused Search 1 - 5 days 30 or more
In-depth Analysis and Credit Opinion
In-depth Analysis Only 1 - 10 days 150 or more
In-depth Analysis & Credit Opinion/Rating 3 - 10 days 300 or more
Financial Statements Only 1 - 2 days 100
Industry Research and Analysis
Statistical Data / Specific Information 3 - 5 days 100 and up
Industry Analysis 3 - 10 days 300 and up
Business Coordination On contact basis

Note:Payment should be via PayPal.