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In-depth Analysis and Credit Opinion

Rate: US$ 150.00 and Up/case (Rate varies depending on cases)

Are you in the credit risk department of an industrial company? Are you a credit insurer or a reinsurer who is responsible for granting large credit limits on some companies for your customers? Are you a banker who is in charge of credit risk and risk monitoring? If yes, you may need more detailed credit information for/on the risk assessment and management customers.

FairSearch Japan can provide a more professional support for you with this service. If you send a request for an “in-depth analysis” of a certain company to us, we will research it and prepare a quantitative analysis of the company based on its financial statements for the latest three years, as well as a qualitative analysis that considers the operating environment, management, business outlook, etc., and send an in-depth analysis to you.

If you request a “credit opinion,” in addition to an in-depth analysis, we will issue our credit opinion and our credit rating (from “A” to “F”), based on the in-depth analysis. It will take three to ten days for a full service report (analysis and opinion). The price will vary with the work involved.

Please note that FairSearch Japan may not be able to prepare a full-fledged analysis of some companies due to lack of their disclosure or for other reasons. If we find it difficult to provide an in-depth analysis, we will notify you immediately.

Details of the Service

  • In-depth Analysis: Financial statements + Financial analysis
  • In-depth Analysis & Credit Opinion: Financial statements + Financial analysis + Credit opinion

You may purchase only financial statements for $100 (US) per company, without an in-depth analysis.

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