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Industry-specific Research and Analysis
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Industry-specific Research and Analysis

Rate: US$ 100.00 and Up/case (Rate varies depending on cases)

You may be interested in the status of the industry, directly or indirectly, which affects your business or customers. If so, you can take advantage of this service, because FairSearch Japan also collects valuable information and data on industrial sectors and prepares analyses of characteristics, trends & developments, and the outlook of various sectors.

Please complete the request form and specify the industry that you wish to study and send it to us. We will provide an industry analysis report based on statistical data about the industry (e.g., market evolution, peer comparison, etc.). You can request statistical data only or certain figures for a specific industry. In addition, you can request information on a specific industry, like a request in the “Topic-focused search” service. We will provide a search report suited to your needs. It takes three to ten days to provide a report. The rate varies depending on the work involved.

Examples of Industries and topics in this service:

  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Chemical
  • Steel production volume and its global share
  • Evolution of the mobile phone market
  • Evolution of real estate prices
  • Number of industrial robots in operation during recent years, etc.

Please note that if we cannot provide any information in response to your request, we will notify you immediately.