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Topic-focused Search

Rate: US$ 30.00 and Up/case (Rate varies depending on cases)

If you seek information on a particular topic or issue for a certain company, take advantage of this service. With this service, we will respond to your question. Please complete the request form with the information that you are looking for about a certain company and send it to us. (e.g., What is the Osaka Corporation’s product line? / Is there any negative news concerning Yokohama Company? ) FairSearch Japan makes a search, focusing on the subject that you specified in your request, and will prepare a report of the search results and send it to you. It will take one to five days to provide a report. The rate varies depending on the workload.

By obtaining detailed and precise information with this service, you may obtain a clearer picture of the business and the status of your customer/prospect, or some assurance about a candidate in your feasibility study of a business or technological alliance.

Please note that FairSearch Japan makes a search and collect data/answers largely from publicly available information, which it may not be able to find, despite our best efforts. If we can provide only limited information or no information, we will notify you immediately by mail.

Examples of topics in this service:

  • Product line-up
  • Production facilities/ production capacity
  • Group companies
  • Information about dishonored bills
  • Patents
  • Latest news, etc.