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Japans city gas retail market is liberalized.
gas retail
On April 1st, Japan freed the city gas retail market. All consumers, including households ad shops, are able to choose a gas provider and its service plan from a variety of options. It allowed major electric power companies to enter the market and enhance competition with gas company rivals in the industry. Actually competition is expected in the Kansai region, but not in the Tokyo metropolitan area. And the consumers planning to change the provider represented only less than 1% of total consumers.
Official land prices as of January 1st 2017 rise.
Real estate
On March 21st, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) announced the official land prices as of January 1st 2017. The data points 0.4% increase in nationwide price fluctuation average which has resulted in 2 year consecutive increase. The trend shows that openings of new hotels and stores are active in response to the increase in incoming foreign visitors and it has brought to result in two consecutive years rise in the commercial areas. Another trend shows that the residential areas has turn to show a flat status escaping from the nine years consecutive falls thanks to the government support policy such as tax reduction for home loans. In Tokyo, the rate of the rising prices has increased for 4 consecutive years in the residential, commercial and industrial areas and the same result has been also made for the average of all areas. The commercial areas in Tokyo has shown the 2nd largest price increase by prefectural comparison, followed by the same areas in Osaka, and prices of residential areas also have continued a steady increase.
Major Japanese automakers results for FYE March 2016
The financial results of seven Japanese automakers for the fiscal year ended March 2016 are attached herewith. Most of the figures are taken from the annual securities report, or Yuka Shoken Hokokusho, of each automaker.
Impairment loss of five trading companies amounts to JPY 1.23 trillion.
Sogo Shosha (GTCs)
Total impairment loss of Japans five trading companies increased nearly 80% from the previous year to JPY 1.23 trillion in the March 2016 results.
Official land price records a marginal rise first time in eight years.
Real estate
The official land price as of January 2016 showed a marginal 0.1% rise over the previous year - for the first time in eight years. In Tokyo, the rate of rising prices increased for the three consecutive years in the residential, commercial and industrial areas, reflecting 1?growing property investments amid the large scale monetary easing by Bank of Japan, 2) low interest rates and house acquisition support policy, 3) inflastructure improvements in Bay areas for the 2020 Olympics. The Tokyo prices influenced the prices of other major cities.
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