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If you are looking for a partner that can help you gain a competitive edge in your industry and market, look no further than Fair Search Japan Corporation. We are ready to partner with you and provide you with the best information solutions possible. So, contact us today and let us know how we can support you.


We have gained the following strengths from our experience of handling information and monitoring risk on corporations and businesses.

01 / Accurate

We have been collecting and updating information on corporations and businesses, industries and economies since we started our business in 2014. We have a database of companies in various sectors, and we update it regularly with the latest financial and operational data. We can provide you with accurate and relevant information that meets your needs, whether you are looking for a business partner, a supplier, a customer, or an investor. We can also customize our information services according to your specific requirements and preferences.

02 / Fast

We respond to your inquiry and request as quickly as possible. We have a dedicated team to answer your questions and assist you with your information needs. The average response time is 1 to 2 days for a business information report and 3 to 4 days for a credit report. However, we can also provide you with urgent reports within 24 hours if needed.

03 / Insightful

Our team consists of experienced staff members who have worked in credit decision and monitoring roles in financial institutions. They have the expertise and skills to assess and analyze the financial status, creditworthiness, and risk factors of corporations and businesses. We also have the knowledge and insight to research and study the trends, changes, opportunities, and challenges of various industries and markets. We provide you with insights and recommendations in our credit reports that help you make informed and confident business decisions.


We are the first to provide information on the financial status of companies in various industries throughout Japan, including history, products and services, creditworthiness, market trends and changes, and much more.


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We have established strong partnerships with many reputable credit report companies, credit rating agencies and research firms around the world since we started our operations.
These partners help us collect and analyze the most accurate and up-to-date information on creditworthiness and financial performance of corporations and businesses.
We are committed to delivering quality work to our customers and helping them achieve their financial goals.


Please let us know what you want to know first. We are able to answer for free,
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